Welcom to the site of PDS Mercinaries!

    PDS stands for Personal Defence System. We are mercinaries who are here to fight for what we belive. We have two groups, Alpha and Delta. Alpha is our sniper squad which is lead by StonaDance(Admin).Delta is our assult squad lead by MuffinSoap(Admin). If you are not assained to a squad talk to a Admin or Damga(Leader). All members should add Damga to there Buddy list. If you do not please add Damga on any free time. Please note that we will be having a clan match of Members vs. Admins for a skill test. I will be on the members side observing the battle. Please check the Event Calender section or FAQ section for any of your wonders. I hope to see you play hard on the battle feild!! -Damga


     We are starting to expand the clan fairly quickly. Most people are not set into groups yet so I have decided tp add a new group to our squads, Echo group! Echo will the be the group for Sergeants and below. This is a group for those of you whom which need to be trained to meet Alpha or Delta squad requirements. The training feild for Alpha squad is a choice of StonaDance between Snow Valley, Rattlesnake, or Two Towers, while the training feild of Delta squad is a choice of MuffinSoap between Pump Jack, Rattlesnake, Two Towers, or Sand Hog. Anyone who is a Staff Sergeant or above MUST be in Alpha or Delta squad, NOT Echo. Anyone who is not in a clan squad will be terminated from the clan seven days after they join the clan. Please note that there is 1 main squad and 3 sub squads. The main squad is COA(comander of army-Leader only), while the subsquads are Alpha(Admin leader-StonaDance-Siper squad), Delta(Admin leader-MuffinSoap-Assult squad) and Echo(Admin or Member leader-SrgtTommy-Beginer squad). I hope this website and this clan will expand much this year. I hope you enjoy this website and the info contained in it. I hope to see you play hard on the battle feild!! -Damga